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Clay Artifacts

Clay Artifacts and Ezequiel's stamp - a stylized 'Ez'

The Potter

Ezequiel Morales was born in Dolores Hildago, Guanajuato, Mexico. He also spent many years living in Mexico City. Mexico has a rich history in pottery from the Talavera pottery in Puebla, to the black pottery of Oaxaca, and the beautiful and intricate pottery of Mata Ortiz in the state of Chihuahua.

His first exposure to pottery was as a young child helping his father in a pottery factory.

His next pottery experience would come (quite a number of) years later when he took classes at the Art Alliance in St. Louis, Missouri. After that, he continued his studio work at the North Mount Pleasant Art Center in Calgary.

Ezequiel works with various clay bodies from stoneware to porcelain. He especially likes the challenge of working with porcelain and the fine pieces that it produces.

Ezequiel also utilizes a variety of firing techniques: gas, wood, soda, raku and electric firing. Ezequiel enjoys the unique characteristics that each technique yields.

You will find Ezequiel's pottery signed with a stylized "Ez" stamp.

Ezequiel is a member of the Alberta Craft Council and received the 2007 Award of Achievement.

Wood Fired Teapot Wood Fired Teapot
Wood Fired Teapot Wood Fired Teapot
Teapot and Mugs Wood Fired Teapot
Teapot and Mugs Wood Fired Teapot