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Clay Artifacts

Clay Artifacts and Ezequiel's stamp - a stylized 'Ez'

Functional Pottery

Functional pottery is pottery for day-to-day use. These include pieces such as teapots, mugs, goblets, casseroles, platters, serving dishes, jugs, bowls and more. All of Ezequiel's functional pieces are fired to Cone 9 -10 (above 1,200 C). At these temperatures, the clay body vitrifies fusing into a hard, waterproof, glass-like material. This is where the name "Stoneware" comes from. All glazes used for functional pieces are food safe. This pottery is microwave oven and dishwasher safe.

Mugs Bowl
Mugs Bowl
Bowl Cheese Plate
Bowl Cheese Plate
Cream and Sugar Jug
Cream and Sugar Jug